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EMDR therapy: I am an Edmonton based Psychologist who specializes in EMDR

Life experiences, memories, and emotions attached to them matter. They make us who we are. However, trauma can also take over our lives.

We all react differently to trauma. For example, let’s say two people both drive the same car. It’s an older sedan with decent gas mileage and comfortable seats. They’re both working nights, doze off behind the wheel, get in a rear-end collision, and spend a week in the hospital. Afterward, one of them will always buy cars that have automatic emergency braking. The other decides to wait thirty minutes for the first-morning bus. These are both reasonable and logical reactions to the same traumatic event.

PTSD and EMDR therapy can help…

When it begins negatively influencing other behaviors like alcohol consumption or you start experiencing flashbacks or other symptoms of PTSD[link to PTSD page], it’s time to act.

With cutting edge therapies, including eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), I will help you process these events and move past them so you can get back to doing what you love.

EMDR therapy, defined

As far as psychotherapies go, EMDR is the new kid in town. Pioneered during the 1990s, this evidence-based therapy uses an eight-phase process that lets you systematically work through one or more traumatic events. What sets it apart from other therapies is the use of external stimuli.

Yes, I know that tapping your fingers or moving your eyes during a psychotherapy session sounds weird. Research shows that doing this actually changes your brain waves. We believe that is one of the reasons EMDR is particularly effective when treating trauma.

Can EMDR work for PTSD?

Notice that I said trauma, not PTSD. Although EMDR is an excellent treatment for PTSD, it works by addressing the underlying cause. EMDR lends itself to treating a variety of conditions, including social anxiety, car accident trauma, and panic attacks.

EMDR therapy for social anxiety

If you suffer from social anxiety, car accident trauma, PTSD, or panic attacks, you may benefit from including EMDR in your treatment plan. It can even help with eating disorders and addiction. However, it’s not offered by all licensed therapists because EMDR requires both additional training and real-world clinical experience with EMDR itself.

If you are looking for an Edmonton Psychologist who specializes in EMDR …

My clients are worth the effort.

When I began offering EMDR therapy three years ago, I didn’t realize how life-changing it would be for my clients. It was just another tool in my arsenal. Over the years, I’ve witnessed hundreds of people move beyond trauma and reclaim their lives. It worked for them. It will work for you.

That said, psychotherapy isn’t one-size-fits-all. The question isn’t will EMDR change your life. Its is EMDR right for you.

Let’s find out! Call my Edmonton office today and schedule your consultation.

Here’s what you should know before you call.

  1. Asking for help takes more courage than suffering in silence. Help is right around the corner.
  2. My office is a judgment-free zone.
  3. All meetings are confidential

We Offer PTSD Support for First Responders

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