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Finding a couples therapist that is just right for you

Every relationship is different. I always recommend that couples attend marriage counseling because I believe that better communication creates a stronger relationship. Sometimes, good communication isn’t enough.

Chronic illness, psychological conditions, addiction, past affairs, and fear of intimacy all place additional burdens on you, your partner, and your relationship. These and other underlying issues cause current problems like escalating arguments, marriage dissatisfaction, loss of intimacy, and even feeling like a burden.

Couples therapy, which I sometimes call marriage therapy, goes beyond improving your marital communications, and asks why a problem is occurring. Then, it looks at how you can handle both the problem and its cause.

If a spouse has PTSD, depression, or another psychological condition, it also involves treating the underlying cause, which is why only licensed therapists offer couples therapy. Couples therapy is very methodical and uses evidence-based treatments to address these deeper issues along with scientifically proven marital counseling techniques.

Finding solutions with marital and couples counselling techniques

During couples therapy, part of my job is to help you both identify your patterns. What do you enjoy? What upsets you? Why? How do you react if X happens? Over time, we will work together to improve specific parts of your relationship like intimacy by changing certain behaviors. For example, if your arguments over the dishwasher keep escalating, we might try a few communication techniques to deescalate things while we work through any underlying causes like a past affair.

Before you pick up the phone and call me, there’s one thing you need to know. Where there is love, there is always hope. No matter what trials you face or how helpless they make you feel, you have love and hope. You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t. While love can’t cure disease, it can and does make every second we spend with our loved ones more precious than the Crown Jewels. Your relationship, your love, is worth fighting for.

Call my Edmonton, Alberta office today and let’s build a stronger relationship together.

Marriage Counselling: Are psychological issues harming your marriage?

Let’s clear the air. Having PTSD, depression, anxiety, bipolar affective disorder, etcetera does not mean you cannot have a strong and healthy marriage. You will have to work for it, which makes you exactly like all the so-called normal couples. If you’ve already googled something like “PTSD divorce statistics,” ignore everything you read. These statistics are a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you haven’t, don’t.

Couples therapy helps you educate yourselves about the condition, identify triggers, and talk through both past and current incidents. You are each other’s helpmate, advocate, and support. Couples therapy recognizes that.

Together, we will create a treatment plan. We will use psychotherapies and medication when needed, better communication tools, and evidence-based therapies to treat the underlying condition and build a stronger relationship.

Call me and schedule a time to talk about your unique situation and how couples therapy can help.

Are you or your partner dealing with a chronic illness?

When chronic illness strikes, everything changes. Rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis may rob you or your spouse of mobility, taking away freedom bit by bit. With chronic kidney disease and diabetes, you start by losing your favorite foods, particularly comfort foods. Glaucoma steals your first glimpse of an unborn grandchild. It’s no wonder that one-third of people battling a chronic illness also suffer from depression.

I’m not saying this to be negative. Chronic illness takes your greatest individual strengths and turns them into weaknesses but have hope.

Together, we will discover new strengths and coping strategies. We will also recognize and treat depression before it grows into another monster.

Call me and schedule your evaluation today. You are each other’s greatest advocate, and together, we will make your marriage stronger than ever.

Is addiction your third wheel?

Here’s the hard truth. Substance abuse and divorce go hand in hand. One increases the likelihood of the other. That’s one of the reasons experts consider addiction to be a family disease.

Couples therapy for addiction is about supporting both partners and building a stronger relationship while treating underlying issues and addressing the addiction itself, using the latest evidence-based addiction treatments.

Together, we will confront the problems addiction causes in your relationship, resolve them, and heal.

Give me a call or stop by my Edmonton office and let’s start the journey towards a happy (and sober) life.


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