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All about Addiction Services in Edmonton

Whether it’s prescription opioids, heroin, alcohol, sex, gambling, or even food, addiction is like a forest fire. It consumes everything in its path: friends, family, dreams, and hope. All too often, it destroys life itself.

Getting sober is a battle. Staying sober is a life-long war because addiction is a disease.

Here are the facts.

  • 1 in 5 Canadians will experience a mental illness or addiction issue within the next year. That’s 7.4 million people, 36X the number of new cancer cases. Being an addict doesn’t make you defective. Neither does loving one.
  • Over of ½ of Canadian addicts surveyed relapse at least once. That’s why we celebrate every victory, no matter how small. Every sober minute counts.
  • In 2018, every day 2 Albertans died from an opioid overdose. To us, these are people, not statistics. They are the stranger buying milk at the grocery store, our neighbors, friends, and to our eternal heartbreak family. Our patients are always family.

Asking for help is the first step towards a better life you and your loved ones.

I’m a licensed psychologist here in Edmonton Alberta, who specializes in addiction treatment and offers the latest evidence-based therapies and treatments. That’s what my business card says, but that’s not who I am. I am your helping hand, your shoulder to cry on during the bad days ahead, and your head cheerleader.

From your first day in detox to continuing out-patient therapy, including support groups and private sessions, I will support you and your loved ones and caregivers. Addiction impacts everyone. Let me help you shoulder your burdens.

Alcohol Treatment and Rehabilitation Centres within Greater Edmonton Area

Addiction is both psychological and physical.

Doctors treat severe pain with opioids because they attach to opioid receptors in the brain and spinal cord. Alcohol, porn, and gambling, all release endorphins, the so-called “pleasure hormones. That’s why the best alcohol treatment and rehabilitation centres employ experienced clinicians and therapists who understand your substance of choice, how it affects your body, and know how to guide you through the detox and withdrawal stages safely and with the least side effects.

As an experienced local psychologist, I’ve worked with centres throughout the Edmonton metropolitan area. I know their staff, their methods, and their facilities. Let me help you find the best fit for you.

Take the first step. Call me and rediscover hope.

AADAC Detox Centre

Located within the city, the AADAC Recovery Centre includes an X-bed residential facility. Addiction never takes a day off, so they’re open 24 hours a day[KC1] , 7 days a week.

Don’t go through withdrawal alone. Get the support you need.

Addiction Recovery Centre

If you’ve asked a friend about detoxing or withdrawal, they either haven’t experienced it, or they described it as one of the worst experiences of their life. They’re telling the truth.

Let their experienced staff help you manage the symptoms. They have a comfortable bed waiting for you in the Edmonton Addiction Recovery Centre.

Outpatient Counseling and Therapy

Leaving the AADAC Detox Centre or the Addiction Recovery Centre means you won the first battle, not the war. The war against addiction ends when you’re eight-two-years-old and you die at home two-weeks after holding your great-granddaughter who was named after your mother. That’s victory.

Private addiction counseling and group therapy help you win the war.

Group Therapy in Edmonton

In my group therapy sessions, you’ll meet people who share your struggles and face addiction’s demons head-on every day. You’ll laugh with them and cry with them. The connections you forge and the bonds you share will keep you plowing through the bad days ahead.

There will be bad days.

I hold multiple group therapy sessions in Edmonton, Alberta every week. Give me a call and let’s find one that works for you.

Private Addiction Counseling

Group therapy is not for everyone.  Yes, it encourages accountability and lets you meet people at different stages of the treatment journey. But, it also means you’re sharing your deepest secrets with the group.

Group therapy is not for everyone.  Yes, it encourages accountability and lets you meet people at different stages of the treatment journey. But, it also means you’re sharing your deepest secrets with the group.

Some of my patients jump straight into group therapy and programs like Narcotics Anonymous. Others try it and find it’s not a good fit for them. Still, others stick with private sessions.

I don’t judge; I help. My office is officially a judgment-free zone.

Counseling and therapy, particularly for intensely private issues like addiction, is not one-size fits all.

If speaking in front of people makes you reach for the whiskey or you avoid taking the bus because you need more personal space, you should start with private addiction counseling, not group therapy. We can revisit group therapy if, and when, you’re ready.

Call me and let’s schedule your private addiction counseling session today. I’ll help you find out what works best for you.

Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) offers a structured Twelve Step program grounded in spirituality, honesty, and open-mindedness. Sessions can be held privately with me or in a group setting, whichever is most comfortable for you.

Does it work? Yes. Studies show that 76.4% of people who regularly attend twelve step program meetings like NA are sober after 2 years. That doesn’t mean you should stop attending meetings after 2 years. Staying sober is a lifetime commitment and achievement. Please keep coming to NA meetings. Let’s celebrate your success.

Click here for the Edmonton, Alberta Narcotics Anonymous meeting schedule or call me to schedule a private appointment.

Youth Addiction Counseling

From 2012 to 2017, the number of teens seeking meth addiction treatment from Alberta Health Services nearly doubled. Alcohol, marijuana, IV drugs, they’re all on the rise.

You talked to your child about drug abuse. You laid out the facts and your worries. You have done everything in your power to help your child. If you weren’t a good parent, you would not be reading this. Let’s get that out of the way. You are a good parent.

I speak teenager. In my world, eye rolls are a language. As an experienced therapist, I will help your teen cope with life before, during, and after addiction. I also offer a helping hand and, sometimes, a shoulder to cry on, for your family.

Treating addiction takes a village. Call me and schedule an appointment for your family today.


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